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Why You Want Marvin as Your Realtor:

1. Education
Marvin has, from the time he was studying for his real estate license in 1990, shown an ability to absorb information and apply it effectively to help his clients. Whether buying or selling, people stand to lose a lot if something is not done correctly, or the timing is wrong. And correct handling of the marketing and sale can make all the difference between having a smooth experience or a nightmare.

The Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI) provides advanced level training and discussion for Realtors who have been in the business for years, and have achieved a good track record of serving people. Marvin completed GRI's 3 year program in 1999. During these classes, he gained a reputation as a lively participant in the discussions by coming up with creative and effective ideas on how to handle difficult situations that sometimes arise in the real estate profession.

2. Experience
As a father of 5 children, Marvin has needed to handle many sales to support his family. This means that Marvin has more experience than most agents, even those who have been in the business for the same number of years. The details of 'what to do when' and 'what can I do if this happens' can only be safely handled by an agent who has been through those situations before. Marvin has 'been there' and 'done that' many times.

During the first few years of his real estate practice, he found most of his clients by approaching homeowners who still wanted to sell, even after other Realtors ( sometimes as many as six! ) had already tried and failed to sell their home. In almost every case, Marvin was successful in getting the homes sold. This shows that he has figured out some techniques others have not. And, it shows that he has experience even in unusual real estate situations - it's unlikely that your situation will find him at a loss for an effective plan.

3. Motivation
Because most real estate transactions are structured for the Realtor to be paid upon successful completion of the sale, your agent's motivation can be important. As mentioned above, Marvin has a large family. Plus, he has always been driven to feel like he can get things done.

4. Integrity
All the skill and motivation in the world won't help if the agent isn't committed to serving the client's best interest. Nothing you read in an agent's advertising literature will be likely to prove their integrity. But Marvin's business recently has been almost exclusively clients that have been referred to him by former clients, or even by other Realtors. That is probably the strongest statement for Marvin's care for the people who choose to work with him.

Marvin Runge
Real Estate of Indy
Mobile 317-966-7578